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Dryer Vent:

- Inspections

- Cleanings

​- Repairs

Signs of a clogged dryer vent:

- Clothing does not dry in one cycle

​- Musty odor in clothes after drying

​- Clothing is unusually hot after drying

​- Debris in outside dryer vent opening

- Large amounts of lint accumulating in filter

​- Excessive heat in the room where the dryer            is operating

​Clogged dryer vents cause over 15,000 house fires each year. If your dryer is taking longer than one cycle to dry your clothes there is a very good chance that it is clogged. This causes the dryer to work harder, heat builds up, and , eventually, a fire could occur. Houses with longer dryer vents are more susceptible to dryer vent fires. Proper maintenance of your dryer vent will keep you and your family safe.